Backpacking as a vegetarian really shouldn’t be that difficult. There are actually quite a few good options for commercial, pre-packaged meals, and plenty of guides and resources to help you construct your own recipes.  This resource collection includes the resources that I have personally found valuable. If you have others that you think should be included, drop a comment down below.

Mary Janes Farm


Outpost Backpacking Meals have been some of my favorites over the years. Probably more variety than any other brand, most of the selections are vegetarian, and I think they are all organic and much of it grown by Mary Jane’s Farm or sourced by other local farmers. I am particularly fond of the Chilimac and the Red Pesto Pasta.  Organic Couch Potatoes have that stick-to-your-ribs comfort quality. And if you are so inclined, take the time to peruse the Mary Jane website and learn more about Mary Jane, her background, her farm, and her food. I think you’ll be impressed and even more happy to be supporting this family business.

Outdoor Herbivore


Food for the Sole

Food For The Sole Red White Sml Log

Fernweh Food Company

Fernweh Logo 2 Colors
New company, not a lot of options yet, but all are vegan. Available in bulk and in a couple of packaging options, including just a reusable cotton bag or a compostable cook-in-bag option.

I have so far only tried the Southwest Stew and I must say it is excellent. It will become a regular part of my backcountry meals for sure, one of my favorites!

Nomad Nutrition


All plant based, good variety and some unique offerings. Borscht! Irish Shepherd’s Pie. Yes, please!

Ever Green Adventure Foods


Another new-comer, so only a couple of options. Plant based and with a goal of improving our impact on the environment by avoiding the use of plastics in packaging.

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